After becoming licensed as a massage and bodywork therapist, I moved to Wilmington, NC to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. In Wilmington I personalized & strengthened my massage technique and opened my first private practice, Port City Massage. I have now opened a new private practice in Aberdeen, NC. My focus is to bring balance to the body through deep tissue & neuromuscular techniques, stretching and at times cupping therapy. My formal education in the science of exercise, fitness, health and wellness provides a strong understanding of anatomy and physiology of the human body. I also value the mind-body connection and softer modalities (stretching, aroma and heat therapies). I holistically blend the East and the West, and aim to create a dynamic and effective massage for my clients.

Licensing & Credentials

  • LMBT, Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist

  • BS, Bachelors of Science: Exercise Science 

Continuing Education Certifications 

  • Stretching & Flexibility, with Daniel Christie through Pain Posture Performance 

  • Neuromuscular Therapy of the Shoulder and Arm, with Donald Kelley, LMT through The NMT Center 

  • Neuromuscular Technique for Headaches & Neck Pain, with Hope Devall through The Western North Carolina School of Massage

  • Thoracic Neuromuscular Connections with Nancy Haller, LMT

  • Table Stretching Techniques, with Hope DeVall through the Western North Carolina School of Massage

  • Certified in ACE Massage Cupping™ Bodywork Therapy Level 1 

  • Rocktape FMT Basic Certified with John Koniuto, DPT

  • Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function with Jason Spitalink (ceftified Anatomy Trains teacher)



I value quality over quantity. Any topical products I use within my practice are from reputable sources and I am very transparent with what I am applying to your skin. I use Doterra & Mountain Rose Herbs Eessential oils and products, Moon Mother Hemp products, Biotone lotions, and NOW fractionated coconut oil as massage topicals. I am aware of skin sensitivity and the use of chemical additives in many massage products, which is why I use high quality brands or create my own products.






60 Min $80 / 90 Min $110 /120 Min $150

The Thera-Herbal Massage incorporates all of my herbal practices: aromatic a& topical essential oils, full spectrum herbal infused CBD oil & burning of sage before and after the massage to ground and cleanse the client. This massage focuses on down-regulation over pressures. More stretching, myofasical holds, and heat therapies are used. This is not a "light pressure" massage, but my intention is to bring you into your parasympathetic state over any using "sympathetic nervous system" techniques. I'm not a "Swedish massage" kind of practitioner, so don't confuse this style as anything generic...if anything it is amplified with all the healing herbal elements. 

This style of massage is excellent for those suffering from insomnia, anxiety racing thoughts, systemic inflammation and general heightened stress. 

Herbal Self Care Tips

  • If any citrus essential oils are used, do not expose your skin to direct sunlight. These oils are photosensitive and possibly create an inflammatory skin reaction. 

  • Wait to shower at least 2 hours post massage, and if possible wait until the following day. This will give the herbal oils time to provide their therapies. 

  • Allow your body to rest and down regulate. Avoid vigorous exercise and high stress environments.​

  • Increase water consumption. 



30 Min $50 / 60 Min $80 / 90 Min $110 / 120 Min $150

The Thera-Cupping Massage is my therapeutic massage incorporating full-body cupping. I will combine massage techniques with cups to significantly increase blood flow to areas of dysfunction. I leave cups on "problem" areas for 2-8 minutes. Cups will be applied as both gliding and stationary for maximum benefits.

I typically apply a cooling lineament of either Deep Blue, diluted peppermint essential oil, or CBD ($10 up-charge for CBD) to tone down the inflammation caused by the cups. We want inflammation for healing the soft tissue, but my intention is not for your body to see cupping as damaging...light anti-inflammatory agents can assist in welcoming cupping to the body's tissue memory.

Benefits of Cupping

  • Increases circulation and blood flow to an area 

  • Mobilizes stuck tissue 

  • Eliminate trigger points and adhesions (aka "knots")

  • Detoxification


Self Care Tips

  • Do not take a hot shower for up to 5 hours post treatment. 

  • If the cupped area feels hot or itchy, use cooling care on the area. This could include some ice for 15 minutes every 2 hours, or lineament of choice (I recommend Tiger Balm, Real Time Pain Relief,  or some DILUTED anti-inflammatory and analgesic essential oils like wintergreen, peppermint, or lavender.)

Cupping Add-In : $5

Don't want full body cupping? Choose to incorporate cups on a trouble area where you're looking for more immediate healing and blood flow.



$20 Drop-In (no oil massage & stretching to affected area + taping)

$5-10 Massage Add-In (price dependent on size of area taped)

Rocktape is a type of kinesiology tape. It is great for treating injuries like shin splints, plantar fascistic, runner's knee, back pain, tennis elbow...the list goes on. I view kinesiology taping as an extended method of soft tissue balancing that continues to work while my hands are no longer there.  

Benefits of Rocktape

  1. Helps relieve pain.

  2. Decompresses an area of swelling and inflammation.

  3. Delaying muscle fatigue. 

  4. Normalizes muscle tone.

  5.  Allows full range of motion to the area of application.

​Self Care Tips

  • Can be left on for 3-5 days.

  • You can shower with the tape on.

  • When the tape starts to peel off, cut it back carefully. 

  • GENTLY peel off the tape (ask and I will show best way)

Rocktape is an adhesive, hypo-allergenic, acrylic based tape with NO LATEX. 





CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol, a component of the Cannabis Sativa plant.  It is not psychoactive, habit forming or addictive and can be legally purchased in North Carolina. 

Benefits of CBD





  • Promotes RELAXATION & SlEEP

CBD oil can be added into the massage per request. It will be applied to areas of discomfort during the massage. 

I use Moon Mother Hemp CBD products within my practice. These products are derived from full-spectrum hemp, meaning the oil was taken from the entire plant and not isolated out. Cannabinoids and terpenes other than CBD remain in the oil and provide a greater synergistic healing (referred to as the entourage effect). Moon Mother Hemp is also headed by a female certified herbalist and the farm family run. All qualities true to the integrity of my business.

Check out their website for more info: 




30 Min $40 / 60 Min $70 / 90 Min $100 / 120 Min $140

The therapeutic massage is my "signature massage" and is by far the most requested. It typically requires deeper therapeutic pressure to reduce pain and imbalance within the soft tissue. This massage is specific to the clients's dysfunctions and incorporates Neuromuscular and Trigger Point Therapy,  Myofascial Release, Table Stretching and Thermotherapy. I use any technique I feel would most benefit the client.


Self Care Tips

Muscle soreness can occur after deep work. The following self care tips will help offset soreness and lengthen the effects of bodywork.

  • Drink more water than "normal"

  • Take an Epsom salts bath 

  • Light stretching

  • Adequate nutrition  

Common Add-Ins

Cupping to a trouble area - $5

Kinesiology tape - $5-10 (depending on amount of tape used)


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If you are unable to make your appointment, please call/text to cancel or reschedule as soon as possible.


Cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled appointments will result in payment of HALF THE COST of that appointment, due before rescheduling.

Cancellations within 12 hours of scheduled appointment &  Missed appointments (no-shows) will result in FULL PAYMENT of cost of that appointment, due before rescheduling.


Please be respectful of the therapist's time. 

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