I frequently use the Breathe blend by Doterra  wihtin my bodywork practice.


I use this blend in many ways within a session:

 1) I put a few drops in my palms for the  client to smell at the beginning of a session, or after moving to a "face-up"position

 2) I  dilute a drop or two within a carrier oil and rub on the chest to promote eaiser breathing

3) I apply diluted or neat to the bottoms of feet, hands, ears or along the spine for reflex related work. 


Breathe is a blend of laurel, eucalyptus, pepperment, tea tree, lemon, cardamom,  ravintsara and ravensara essential oils.


I love this blend, as it is the perfect combonation of minty and spicy scents.

Breathe - Essential Oil Blend - Doterra



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